Highlights of Past Accomplishments

CWCIA was established in 2002. Here are some highlights from our past accomplishments.

Spring 2009

Successful publication of a booklet with summary of WCAB and WCALJ decisions applicable to the interpreting community.

Fall 2008

Held seminars throughout the state concerning a variety of topics germane to the interpreting profession.

Fall 2007

Conducted educational workshops for Language Service Providers (LSP's) and freelance Interpreters regarding establishment of market rate, sound billing practices and collection from insurance companies and interpreting agencies

Summer 2006 and Ongoing

Contact continues between CWCIA and staff members of key state legislators, legislative committees, and representatives of other state agencies with interests in the Workers' Compensation System, in order to stay abreast of the latest information, data, and agendas.


April 2004

A meeting was held bringing together Cooperative Personnel Services (CPS) staff and State Personnel Board (SPB) representatives with members of the CWCIA IP&O committee. Its purpose was to establish parameters and set methodology for a (proposed) Certified Interpreter Availability Study. As now envisioned, it will include a CWCIA task team and CPS and SPB management structure. **This issue remains unresolved as CPS is no longer contracting with SPB.

April 2004

CWCIA submitted oral and written arguments supporting the Alarcon Amendment on March 11, 2004 at public hearings held in San Francisco as part of the rule making process that would confirm the changes wrought by the Alarcon Amendment. The CWCIA position (in favor) was among the overwhelming majority (ten oral submittals in favor, one opposed. All but one of the written submittals were in favor, State Fund opposed). But after his review of public hearing submittals, the Administrative Director (AD) overrode this consensus and reinstated filing fees for interpreters. Subsequently, the Govenor removed the AD Richard P. Gannon and replaced him with a newly appointed Administrative Director, Andrea Hoch. There is no news yet on what Andrea Hoch will have to say about this, but other issues are holding up implementation. ****Issue has been resolved: lien filing fee was eliminated, but later brought back by SB863.

March 2004 

First formal meeting of the Central California (Fresno) CWCIA Chapter. Attendees from the local area, Sacramento, Bay Area, Central Coast, and Southern California were present for this organizing meeting.

January 2004

Organized "GET OUT THE LIENS," a lien filing effort prior to the effective date of new Labor Code Section 4903.05, (re: lien filing fees). Over 9000 liens were filed against SCIF for California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 8, Section 9795.3(b)(2) violations.

December 2003

Initiated formal contact with State Fund seeking areas of common motivation that might help reduce interpreter lien volume going to the WCAB's. (Brief face-to-face talks were held in San Francisco on March 11, 2003 with more formal talks suggested by State Fund for a later date).

November 2003 

Hosted first CWCIA Autumn Seminar, "SB 228: ITEMS OF POTENTIAL INTEREST TO THE INTERPRETER COMMUNITY," by David L. Keyes of Keyes and Kerkorian. Attended by more than one hundred fifty.

November 2003

Demands for extraneous information not required by other payers or statute made by State Fund were quietly withdrawn and policy restoring the statutory minimum for interpreter payments implemented.

September 2003

CWCIA submitted an appeal to the Administrative Director for relief from non-compliant payment reductions being taken by State Fund in four categories. Results to date: Issues have been successfully resolved.