California Workers' Compensation Interpreters Associates

A unique advocacy group advancing mutual interests of Interpreters and Language Service Providers

The California Workers’ Compensation Interpreters Association (CWCIA) was founded by a group of dedicated professionals with many years of experience. We are committed to representing freelance interpreters and Language Service Providers (LSPs) alike. The symbiotic relationship between the two lends itself to an organization whose purpose has both parties’ best interests at heart. For without one, there is not the other.

CWCIA is the voice of not only its members but also the wider interpreting community, instrumental in championing best practices, improving working conditions and shaping legislation that has benefited all interpreters statewide. It attracts the attention of interpreters and LSPs servicing the injured worker community nationwide, proving to be a leader in its field. Protecting Medical, Administrative and Court Certified Interpreters by exposing the use of untrained professionals by outside elements is but just one of the current endeavors CWCIA is embarked upon.

We are directly involved with helping the Division of Industrial Relations (DIR)/Department of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) upgrade the 20 year old, all important Fee Schedule for Interpreter Services, and continue to be on the forefront of all issues affecting the livelihoods of interpreters in California.


CWCIA is the only organization that represents Workers' Compensation Interpreters. No other interpreter organization understands the issues that Workers' Compensation Interpreters and Language Service Providers (LSPs) face. CWCIA is advocating for a fair fee schedule that reflects real market data. 

Join your colleagues in support of our profession!

How to collect Medical-Legal Services without filing a lien! 

In January 2016, CWCIA hosted a Training  on "Determination of Medical-Legal Expense Disputes,” presented by Mona Nemat of Brissman & Nemat, Attorneys at Law. This seminar is now available to you for purchase. Ms. Nemat is an experienced Workers' Compensation Law Attorney, who has developed a series of templates for CWCIA and its members with the sole objective of increasing reimbursements by complying with new procedures. You can understand the process, receive detailed training & obtain a copy of valuable templates, which you can put to use time and time again for the benefit of your business, whether freelance or LSP.

When you purchase the seminar video, you will receive

- Access to the online seminar video for 10 days  

-Templates available for download in Word format
Fees:  $99.00 members/ $199.00 non-members    


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